You Never Deserved Me

The idea of you with someone else broke me.


Then I saw you.

With Her.

& I felt sorry for her.

I remembered how being with you felt.

In the beginning.

It as amazing.

The rest of it…felt so utterly…


It’s so difficult to see clearly when you are so close.

The more I step away.

The happier I am.

She will feel the pain someday.

She will feel the wrath of your wrecking ball.

One day.

But you will probably be stuck by then.

A couple of kids.

A wife who raises them.

But you will be miserable.


I had so much to offer you.

You never deserved it.

You took everything.

Without looking back.

You’ll never understand the pain you have caused me.

Until it happens to you.

Until you look back years from now.

When someone does this to you.

It’s coming for you.

Karma will slap you in the face.

You can’t go breaking hearts without repercussions.


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