You Stole Everything

You took it all.

Will I ever be capable of loving like that again?

I’ve moved on but I still can’t find it in myself to love open-heartedly.

I’m so cautious.

I’m paralyzed with fear.

I’m scared out of my mind.

I’ll never understand why I decided to give my heart to you. You were so undeserving. I was in such a good place. So much to give. Not a fear in the world.

I trusted you.

All these months later and I’m still so empty.

I am filled with fear.

All of the time.

I hold everything back.

Completely paralyzed.

I used to feel so fearless with you.

Willing to give you everything.

I never thought twice.

Now, I would give anything to go back.

If that fearless girl who fell for you knew just how much damage you would do to her heart, she would have run in the opposite direction.

You are my biggest regret.




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