Happily Never After…


He’s planning to marry her…..

The moment I heard those words.

It was the biggest day of my career.

I had just landed a multi-million dollar deal.

I was celebrating.

& suddenly my heart sunk.

My breath shallowed.

All my happiness faded away.

It has only been a few months.

After you told me you needed to “find yourself”

You were lost…

You broke me.

You destroyed us.

You destroyed me.


I’m Overwhelmed with disgust and hate.

5 days after I ended things with “Mr.Right”

Because I couldn’t get over you.

Missing the way I felt with you.

Remembering how I felt about you.

Wishing I’d never met you.

It was “fate”?

How about the biggest mistake of my life.

How am I still so heartbroken from you I had to break the heart of a guy who loved me?

Who cherished me?

He was supportive of me.

He adored me.

He wanted to spend the rest of his life with me.

But somehow I still found myself crying over you.

All these months later.

I thought I had moved on.

But I am still hurting.

More than ever.

It hurts more than I could have ever imagined.

The loss has become so incredibly real.

I loved you.

& you didn’t even love me enough to miss me for more than a day.

You just moved on like I was nothing to you.

Is this my new normal?

This is me.

Who am I?

Will I ever let anybody in again?

Happily Never After….

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