Three Great Loves

I’ve had two loves in my life.

The first- a crazy love. The slash your tires kind of love.

The second- a whimsical love. The fairytale love.

I’ve been given a ring from each.

The first hurt.

The second broke me.

The idea of a third…terrifies me.

But I’m not scared anymore.

I finally know what I want.

I’m finally ready.

My next love- it will be a lasting love.

An understanding love.

A love where I can be me and only me & that will be ok.

It’s almost time.

Time for me to find my third love.

I’m a slow healer but it has taken me longer than I expected to heal from my second love.

I’m forever grateful that vanilla love is over and I can give myself to somebody real.

Somebody with depth.

Somebody who has invested the time in developing who they are.

Somebody filled with as much passion as I have.

My future somebody.

It’s hard to have faith.

Everyone around me-just playing the game.

But I know somebody worth while is out there.

Because I know myself.

I know who I am.

I know what I’ve done.

I know how I’ve acted.

But I know how I act now.

Now that I am ready.

Not settling for anything less than what I want.

I know my worth.

Craving something more.

Something more than I’ve ever had before.

Something sensual.

Something deeper.

A connection like I’ve never had before.

I’ve been dreaming about it…almost every single night.

Something I’ve never experienced before in real life.

But in my dreams-it’s amazing.

It’s filled with passion.

& understanding.




It will come.

& when it does….

I’ll be ready.

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